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Buying a Condo

Condo in Thailand

Buying Property in Thailand If you are thinking of buying real estate in Thailand then consider watching the video and listen to good advice from real estate lawyers in Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand. When purchasing a condo unit or a villa in Thailand it is always important to remember to watch the real estate market. […]

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Real Estate Agreements

Real Estate Law Thailand

When buying property in Thailand there are some very common problems which do occur. This is mainly due to the contracts in Thailand and how they are drafted. There are many cultural norms in Thailand when it comes to contracts and property agreements. In many of the agreements only the main agreements are highlighted while […]

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Doing Business in Thailand

Business in Thailand

If you are thinking of starting a business in Thailand then it is best to start with the registration of a Thai limited liability company also known as a LLC company in Thailand. If you by now already have a registered company in your home country be it Australia, the Us or the UK then you […]

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Company Registration

Company Registration Thailand

If you are considering starting a business in Thailand you will need to know the following information with regards to business registration. When you register a Thai business in your name in Thailand you will need to have 3 shareholders of which 1 shareholder must be a Thai national. If you are starting a business in […]

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