Thai Visa

Thailand Visa Options

Most foreigners who arrive in Thailand to live and visit Thailand for more than 30 days needs a Thai Visa. There are also some countries that have the ability to obtain a visa on arrival at the airport or border crossing but many are not allowed to enter Thailand on a visa on arrival. Check with a Thai immigration attorney as to which nationals can or cannot obtain a visa on arrival at the airport and have to apply for a Thai visa before they arrive in the Kingdom of Thailand. You now also have the option of applying for your Thai Visa online with Siam Legal. There are many options:

  1. Thai Marriage Visa – 3 months and can be extended to 1 year;
  2. Retirment Visa – If over 50 this 3 month visa can be extended to 1 year;
  3. Tourist Visa – To visa Thailand for 60 days;
  4. Business Visa – 3 month visa or 1 year multiple entry visa for 1 year.

Speak to our consultants online or call our Us or UK toll-free number listed on the side of the page for more visa information. Obtain your Thailand Visa today!


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