Getting Married in Thailand

Many foreigners come to Thailand for good reasons.  In the Kingdom of Thailand today it is perfectly legal to marry a Thai woman or any other foreign nationals Marriage in Thailand is legal and binding according to Thai laws and it is legally and  normally recognized all over the world without having to file more documents other than the translation of the marriage certificate.  Speak to a family lawyer in Thailand  if you are considering a prenuptial agreement before you get married in Thailand that is not only valid in your home country but also in Thailand.

Who may get married in Thailand?

Lets look at who may get married in Thailand in the first place. If you want to get married in Thailand you will need the following documents to be eligible to get married here in Thailand.

  1. Both parties in the marriage should not be younger than 17 years of age;
  2. The parties should be sane and not have been declared insane by the courts;
  3. The parties should not be blood relatives;
  4. They are not allowed to have the same adopted parents;
  5. Both parties must be single at the time of marriage

Thai marriage registration varies on nationality. The following documents are required for your marriage registration in Thailand.

  1. Copy of passport with arrival card;
  2. A marriage affidavit from your Embassy to state you are single;
  3. The affidavit needs to be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

If you are thinking about a prenuptial agreement then speak to our family lawyer before you register your marriage in Thailand not afterwards. Many people in Thailand simple drop off the marriage documents at our offices for assistance  and the marriage registration process and speed depends on which package you wish to pay for. There is normal or express services. Speak to us on our live chat or see our main website for more information.


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