Marriage in Thailand

Every year many foreigners get married in Thailand. Most marriages we process are marriages between foreigners and a Thai national. If you and your Thai fiancee are or planning on getting married in Thailand then you have many options for your wedding location in Thailand. The locations range from the city of Bangkok with all its modern infrastructure and temples and also the numerous five star international hotels. Many foreigners prefer to get married in Bangkok many have lived in Thailand for a while and now have friends in Thailand. Some however do tie the knot in Isaan where many of the Thai women in Bangkok come from.

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Real Estate Law Thailand
Property Law

Real Estate Agreements

When buying property in Thailand there are some very common problems which do occur. This is mainly due to the contracts in Thailand and how

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Visa to Thailand
Immigration Law

Thai Visa

Thailand Visa Options Most foreigners who arrive in Thailand to live and visit Thailand for more than 30 days needs a Thai Visa. There are

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U.S. Visa Thailand
Immigration Law

US Visa in Thailand

The U.S. fiancee Visa in Thailand will allow you as a US citizen to take your Thai fiancee to the United States for the express purpose

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Thai Marriage Registration
Family Law

Getting Married in Thailand

Thailand Marriage Each year many couples from all around the globe come to Thailand to get married. There are marriage requirements which needs to be

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Retire in Thailand
Immigration Law

Retirement in Thailand

Retirement Visa for Thailand Everyone wants to retire in Thailand with its low cost of living and warm climate. Consider applying for a retirement visa

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Business in Thailand
Business Law

Doing Business in Thailand

If you are thinking of starting a business in Thailand then it is best to start with the registration of a Thai limited liability company also

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